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You must be wondering what the heck is the name of this blog about? Lauffmao? LOL, well to be honest, I was trying to register the domain lmao on this wordpress website but that particular domain has been taken up (I just checked and it seems that the author of that blog has deleted the account. But oh well, I’m already starting to love using the word lauff, I guess I’m just going to stick with this name). So instead of lmao, I simply changed to lauffmao. Lauff is just a slang word used in my community for the word laugh. Yep, you must have guessed it by now, lauffmao is actually lmao which in turn is an internet lingo for laughing my ass off !

You see, I’ve been receiving many forwarded emails and over time, I just deleted them. But I realized that some of the articles forwarded to me were actually quite inspirational, and of course some jokes are so darn funny that I actually laughed until I farted when i read them ! So that got me thinking, why not just create a blog and post them here? Instead of me having to forward again to my friends (which I have never done before in the past, hehe), why not I just post it up in this blog and share it with everyone ?

So here you go, that’s the basic idea of this blog, to share and to inspire people, to share the laughter and fun with people ! And truth to be told, I’m actually a bad writer, so it’s better for me to copy and paste articles rather than to write on my own… 🙂

kev ay@m @ lauffmao 

2 Responses to About <- Boring stuff

  1. sheenmeem says:

    You have a wonderful blog. It’s awesome!

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